How To Take Nude Selfies With Your Phone

Girl Laying In Bed On Phone

Taking nude selfies can be daunting. As if getting up the courage to send one wasn’t bad enough making sure you get the perfect shot can be equally scary. When you take and send a nude selfie you run the risk that it might get into the hands of anyone or out on the net. In the event that that could happen, you may want to make sure its a hot ass photo of you. Below we have compiled our top tips for taking the best nude selfies on your phone. We hope with these tips the receiver of your nudes will be turned on enough to return the favor. 


Tip 1: The Background

When you’re in a hurry to take a hot nude and send it on its way you might neglect to look around the background of your photos. There are too many tales of people sending selfies and having something extremely embarrassing in the background. Take the time to double-check your photos and it will definitely pay off. Many people default to a mirror selfie. Many mirrors are found in bathrooms. While we don’t hate the bathroom selfie we do hate seeing a toilet in the background. Nothing about a toilet screams sex appeal so if your bathroom mirror happens to face one maybe find a different mirror or a different angle. If you decide to take the photo in your room make sure it’s clean. No girl wants to imagine coming back to your place and its grimy. Make your bed and pick up your room before snapping that shot. 

Tip 2: Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

Ahh the mirror selfie, a tale as old as time. While this classic selfie go-to move might seem like a no brainer there are a few tips that could take it from a miss to a hit. A cardinal rule for nailing a mirror selfie, CLEAN YOUR DAMN MIRROR. We don’t want your mirror selfies getting banned. Take a little time and Windex and give any mirror you plan on using for a selfie a thorough wipe down. Now we already mentioned checking backgrounds in mirror selfies but a clean mirror can be just as important. A mirror selfie allows you to really see your best angles and capture them in the best way. Snap a few shots in your mirror from a variety of angles to utilize the most of your mirror selfies. Now as we are talking about poses lets move on to the next tip to help you boost your nude selfie game. 

Tip 3: Poses  

There is no limit when it comes to poses you can achieve during your selfie. Whenever you’re trying to get the perfect photo take a ton of them and your odds of finding a winner will increase significantly. Mirror selfies are great because you can take them dead on but to spice it up try turning around. Face your back to the mirror and take a selfie from up above. From this angle, you can get your face and your ass in a shot together. Don’t underestimate the power of a dude booty. Girls love seeing that too. Now we all know when sending nude selfies the point is to get the receive hot and bothered. If you are sending a photo of your dick make sure your pose makes it look as good as possible. For one, make sure you’re hard. Chicks do not want a photo of your soft dick. I’m sorry. I don’t know who needed to hear that but there you go. A pose to emphasize the size of your member can help as well. Angles from where you are laying down can help showcase you in the best way possible. This pose is also great because you don’t have to show your face. In the worst-case scenario, your photos get out unless you have some noticeable marking this pose could help save your identity.

Tip 4: No Hands

One of the hardest parts about taking nudes with your phone is that you’re alone. There are some key tips that can help you get a photo from a distance in complete privacy. For one, you can use the timer feature on most smartphones today. Set your timer for a 10-second interval, walk away, wait for it to count down, boom you got a shot. While this method is great for the one-off shot if you’re trying to take multiple photos this might be a bit time intensive. To take a ton of photos from a distance try a tripod with a blue tooth remote. These are very affordable and allow you to snap a ton of photos from far away. 

Tip 5: Use Snapchat

Take and send your nude selfies in a safe or safer place. While things on the internet may always be out there you can take some precautions to limit their distribution. Sending your nude selfies via Snapchat will let you know if someone has screenshotted them and allow them to disappear after 24 hours. By taken these precautions it makes it a little harder for someone to permanently hold onto your private photos. 

There you have it these are some of our top ways to up your nude selfie game. Remember clean your place, clean your mirror, strike a good pose, take a ton of photos, and get some with no hands. With these tips, we hope your selfie game will be taken to the next level and you’ll get some hot images in return. Be confident in knowing you’ve done all you can to take your hottest photos yet.