Top Pornstar Snapchat Usernames To Follow [2019]

Snapchat Nudes

As soon as texting became a thing, sexting was soon to follow. We’re sure you’re aware of the vast popularity of this special form of foreplay but did you know that Snapchat has become one of the most popular platforms for sexting? With it’s disappearing picture messages, Snapchat is a no brainer when it comes to setting the mood via electronic messaging. Don’t have a special somebody right now? That’s not a problem. Because of Snapchat’s incredible popularity for sexting, there is a huge selection of girls with premium accounts who love to sext with their subscribers. If you’re not sure how to sext, this is the perfect place to start. These girls know exactly what they’re doing and you’ll learn the ropes in no time at all. We’ve compiled a list of 8 Snapchat usernames who love to chat with their followers. Keep reading to see what these girls are all about. 

Lela Star


Lela Star Nude

Lela Star is an actual superstar when it comes to premium Snapchat accounts. The Miami based model is a showstopper with curves for days. If you like fiery women, Lela will not disappoint. She also gets bonus points for speaking both English and Spanish. So for those of you who love being called “Papi,” Lela is for you. Her subscribers get exclusive access to her personal content and best of all, she loves to chat. 

Bailey Bae


Bailey Bae nude on Snapchat

Bailey Bae is the epitome of the sweet, girl next door. She looks like a girl you could take home to meet the parents but don’t underestimate her–she definitely shows her freaky side on her Snapchat account. She likes to send sexy snaps to her subscribers which is perfect if you’re looking to sext. If Bailey sounds like a good fit for you. 

Dani Daniels


Dani Daniels

 Dani Daniels is number one in the game, quite literally. She won an award for the best premium Snapchat on Pornhub, so it’s safe to say she knows what she is doing. Her subscribers get access to a new show every day as well as tons of other sexy features. Considering her talent, her subscription price of $29/month seems fairly reasonable. Dani Daniels is a great choice if your unsure of who to subscribe to when it comes to premium Snapchats. 

Riley Reid


Riley Reid Nude

Quirky, bubbly, fun and sexy sums up Riley Ried in a nutshell. This beauty is an Emilia Clark look-alike for all of you Khaleesi fans out there. Her dimples are as cute as a button but don’t be fooled, this girl is wild on her Snapchat. She likes to interact with her subscribers through chat and pictures which is a great benefit to subscribing to her premium account. There’s really nothing not to love about Riley Reid.

Lucy Loe


Lucy Loe

If tattoos and curves are your thing, Lucy Loe has both bases covered. This English babe has an incredible booty and a tiny waist. She’s also got an array of artfully done tattoos that make this alternative hottie stand out in the crowd. Lucy is quickly rising in popularity and her premium Snapchat is offered at the amazing rate of $5/month. If we were in your shoes, we’d grab that subscription before she raises her rates. 


Chloe Amour


Chloe Amour

If petite girls are more your style, this bronze goddess might be for you. Chloe Amore has legs for days and is the perfect, classic beauty. She offers a ton of features for those who subscribe to her premium Snapchat. Some of the awesome features included are daily pics and videos as well as fetish pictures by request. Most importantly, she loves to chat with her subscribers. Chloe offers a very personalized and intimate experience to her subscribers. Her rate is $10/month which is a steal. 


Eva Lovia


eva lovia nude snaps

Eva Lovia is a natural beauty with a perfect body. The southern belle is mixed with Japanese and Spanish and she is drop-dead gorgeous. Subscribers to her premium Snapchat account get new sexy pictures and videos every day– she’s no slacker. Better yet, she’s a sexting pro and loves to chat back and forth with her Snapchat friends. Eva Lovia is well known for her quality content on Snapchat, which makes her rate of $15/month such a great deal. If you want to see what Eva is all about.

Country Rae


Country Rae Nude

this girl is the all American dream. Think blonde hair, blue eyes, cutoff shorts and the great outdoors and that’s Country Rae. Rae offers her subscribers an incredible amount of content including 50+ snaps every day. She also takes special requests from her subscribers. She is one of the most attentive girls on this list and makes sure to respond to all of her messages. She’s got a large following which is a testament to her excellent work. She offers lifetime subscriptions starting at $45. 

Snapchat revolutionized the game when it comes to Snapchat sexting and sending nudes. The best part about this platform is that you can sext anytime you want to with access to premium accounts. And this is no ordinary sexting either; these girls know exactly how to get you going. Many of them take requests from their subscribers as well, so let your freak flag fly! There’s an abundance of premium Snapchat accounts out there as you can see from our list. It doesn’t matter what your type is, you can find the perfect account to subscribe to. Whether you’re into the all American blonde, the Miami princess, or the girl next door, Snapchat has got all bases covered, and you get to sext with all of them. If you’re new to sexting, this is a great way to get comfortable and learn what works for you. Happy sexting!

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