Why You Should Use Snapchat To Send Nudes

Girl On Bed With Phone

What is Snapchat?

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard of the enigma that is the SnapChat app. Snapchat was launched way back in 2011 and saw huge success with a wide fan base. Snapchat’s popularity is due to many factors, but it’s “disappearing picture” feature is what made it stand out in the beginning. Snapchat created a feature in which you could send pictures and videos to a recipient and it would disappear after being viewed. This feature launched Snapchat to legendary status; everyone had the app with the ghost icon on their phone. Today, Snapchat still enjoys its status as a highly popular app. Since the addition of highly realistic filters that alter user’s features in various ways, Snapchat has added yet another reason for users to download the app. The popularity of Snapchat however, is not entirely rated-G. It’s really no surprise that as soon as an app that offered disappearing pictures came onto the market, people began using the platform for sexting. What could be more exciting than sending a nude picture to somebody, knowing that it would disappear after they view it? This feature naturally lent itself to sexting and sending nudes and has been used in this way ever since. We think Snapchat is a great way to send nudes so keep reading to see five reasons why you should send nudes using this app. 

1. Disappearing pictures

The number one reason to send nudes on Snapchat is the “disappearing picture” feature. When you send a picture on Snapchat, the recipient is only able to view the picture two times before it disappears. This offers a certain level of security to the person who has sent the picture. It’s also exciting for the person who receives the picture because they have no idea what the picture might be, and when they open it, they can only view it for a limited time. This adds a game-like element to sending nudes. Keep in mind, however, that recipients can still screenshot the photo if they want to. You are always notified if someone screenshots your picture so you know if someone has attempted to file away your sexy picture on your camera roll. For this reason, it is always smart to trust your sexting partner no matter what the method you’re using. 

2. Stickers

One of the more intimidating parts of sexting is showing your body in such an exposed state. Taking nude selfies can be really challenging at times and not getting the perfect angle can take away some of the fun for you. No one wants to feel insecure when sending nudes– the whole point is to set the mood for yourself and your sexting partner. Snapchat has a nice solution to this problem in the form of stickers. When you take a picture with Snapchat there are all sorts of editing options. One of these options is to add stickers on top of the photo. So, if you took a picture that is great except for one area, just slap a sticker onto that section. If your body looks amazing, but you’re making a weird face, just put a smiley emoji on your face. Not only does it solve your problem, but it adds an element of humor that goes with the game-like feeling Snapchat provides. There’s no need to overthink things here, just have fun with it. 

3. Filters

Snapchat came out with one if it’s more genius features in 2016: filters. Snapchat pioneered this feature before any other app picked it up. Essentially, these filters scan your face and alter it in various ways. Some filters discreetly smooth out your imperfections, while others give you wild makeovers. Some filters are staples that stay in the Snapchat repertoire permanently, while others change from day today. Snapchat filters have gotten incredibly advanced over the years and are really fun to play around with. Of course, the filters are also useful for sending nudes. Like the stickers, if you aren’t feeling your hottest that day, filters can add that extra something to give you a boost in confidence. Use a subtle filter to erase anything you’re not feeling or a bold filter for a more tongue-in-cheek application.  Either way, filters are just plain fun to use and add a special element to nudes that isn’t available through regular texting. 

4. Premium accounts

Even if you don’t have a person to send nudes to at the moment, Snapchat has you covered. Because it’s become such as a haven for sexting and nudes, there is a thriving community of adult entertainers who have created “premium” accounts that users can subscribe to. Premium accounts work like this: users send a friend request to the premium account and pay to access the exclusive content. Once you are added, you get to see super sexy pictures and videos on a daily basis. Better yet, many of the girls who run these accounts like to sext and exchange nudes with their subscribers. These are real girls who are providing a way more personal take on traditional adult entertainment. There is a huge selection of premium accounts out there –if your interested in sending and receiving nudes this way, the world is your oyster. 

5. Convenient

The best reason to send nudes on Snapchat boils down to just how convenient it is. It’s so easy, you don’t even need to exchange numbers with the recipient. All you need to do to exchange nudes with somebody is to add their Snapchat username and add each other as friends. That’s all it takes to start sending nudes. Sure, you could send nudes the traditional way through text messages, but Snapchat is quick, easy and super fun. 


Snapchat has changed the trajectory of how nudes are sent forever. Gone are the days of taking boring nude pictures and texting it to your crush. With Snapchat, pictures get deleted automatically and you are notified if someone screenshots them. You get to create more interesting pictures by adding emojis to your picture, either to add decoration or as a way to hide part of the image. Filters are another awesome feature on Snapchat that allows you to spice up your nude pictures before sending them off. Snapchat is ahead of the game– check out premium accounts if you want to try out sexting and sending nudes to real girls on Snapchat. As you can see, Snapchat is the way to go when it comes to sending nudes. There’s really nothing stopping you, so get out there and give it a try on YoloNudes